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Jeremy & Willow

Adoption has often been on our hearts and in our conversations, but it wasn’t until we heard of the needs that exist domestically that we felt compelled to act. At the time, we had five biological children, and within a few weeks, we felt sure that God was prompting us to act. We initially had no idea where to turn, and we will be forever grateful God led us to Faithful Adoption Consultants. It was at FAC that we were encouraged to move forward with what had been put on our hearts and that is what we did.

We signed up with FAC in the early summer of 2013. We began to complete our home study, with no idea that we would ultimately be matched less than three weeks after becoming active! We presented on our first situation the day our home study was completed. Through the next week or so we had the opportunity to pray over several expectant women and their unborn babies. What an honor it was to do that. In fact, I still think of them often. Some people say it is best to not know when you are being presented…oh, how I disagree with that! God uses adoption to accomplish many things, and growing compassion in our hearts is one of those things. My heart breaks for these women as they face such a difficult decision and I think one of the first steps in becoming a loving adoptive mama is developing a love for these women that are able to first choose life, and next put their child’s needs ahead of their own heart’s desires.

We entered this journey, as a family of 7, not knowing if we’d to be matched, yet believing that we were being called to show love in this way. We fully believe that each adoptive family is uniquely gifted to risk as they enter this journey. We weren’t sure if our family was complete, though we knew we had more love to share. Little did we know that God had a special situation planned for us. Sunday night our phone rang and we were told of twins needing a family. They were expected to be born in the morning and they were trying to gather some families for their birth mom to consider.

Labor ended up stalling and in the next week or so we learned that the twin’s birth mom had plans to place just one baby and to parent the other. For many, this would be too much to consider going forward with, but for us, we felt clear guidance from the Lord that He would equip us for whatever lay ahead. We were ultimately matched, with the knowledge that their birth mom was only planning on placing one baby with us. The next week, we received a call that the twins were born and the same day we boarded a plane to Utah with our five children, not knowing what would ultimately happen. The next day, paperwork was signed, and we had a new daughter. Four long days later, we were ecstatic to learn that we would also be parents to her twin brother. Courtney was by our side through the entire journey, praying with us, crying with us, and guiding us through all the ups and downs. Rejoicing turned to heartache as we learned that there were still more issues that needed to be resolved. Four days, and many prayers later, we headed to the hospital the final time to take our twins home!

Every adoption story is unique, some more tumultuous than others. Make no mistake about this, God loves adoption. His will not be thwarted. Exodus 14:14 says, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” The risk is worth it and God will use it all. He will use every tear and every moment of anxiety. No one can promise you what your journey will look like, but this I know, it will be worth it! It is never a mistake to choose to love!

Faithful Adoption Consultants

Wesley & Nicki

Our journey with FAC began on September 4th, 2012 and ended in a NICU room in Tampa, Florida on November 21st, 2012. We always wanted to adopt but figured God would allow us to have biological children first. His plans are always quite bigger and way more exciting than ours! After the birth and subsequent death of our first biological daughter and another miscarriage a few months later we decided that God was leading us down another path. Our journey to our son was quite long and sometimes treacherous, but oh the joy our lives now hold because of that sacred journey!

We suffered through a match with a precious baby girl that then failed. We never met that birth mother or her sweet baby but we were in love from the moment they said she would be ours; another princess lost and our hearts broke. About 3 weeks later we got the call that would forever change our lives and hearts. God had a baby boy for us…a sweet, tiny preemie that needed a mama and a daddy. We could not believe the journey God had taken us on but the adventure He had waiting for us was more than we could imagine. We said yes to a situation we never imagined we would say yes to in our wildest dreams. We had pink room, pink clothes, pink tutus, tons of bows and tons of dresses. We were ready for a baby girl but little did we know our hearts were ready and needed a baby boy. God always knows just what we want and need! We are in love with our precious Isaiah Samuel and now, almost 2 years later, we are still in awe of the amazing humor and wildness of our God. Our journey has had some deeply devastating moments but we wouldn’t change a thing about it because it brought us straight to that sacred NICU room and our precious baby boy!

Faithful Adoption Consultants

Jimmy & Amy

After more than 12 years of infertility struggles and one biological child, we felt God leading us to grow our family through adoption. After calling many wonderful agencies, we were conflicted about which direction to take, but one call to Faithful Adoption Consultants and we were at complete peace. Courtney was always so helpful and answered every concern or question we had. Just a couple of months after becoming an active client we were holding our beautiful daughter.

Two years later we decided to grow our family once again. There was no question in our minds – we would work with FAC once again. Honestly, as we began the process we thought having another girl would be best for our family. Right in the middle of the process, however, God broke our hearts and we told Courtney that we just wanted to be open to anything. Whatever God had in store for us, we were ready. A few weeks later, Courtney called and asked if we would consider a boy who would need heart surgery just a few days after birth. Although we were scared, we put our YES on the table. In just a couple of days we found out the birth mom chose us! We began to pray fervently for our little guy who was due in two weeks. Within hours after his birth, the pediatric cardiologists came in to inform us that his heart looked normal and no surgery would be required! God faithfully answered our pleas and we are eternally grateful.

We can’t say enough positive things about Faithful Adoption Consultants. We dearly love them and are honored to call them friends for life.

Faithful Adoption Consultants

Paul & Leah

When we began our adoption journey in February of 2014 we were pretty certain we knew what we wanted—most of all we were certain we wanted a closed adoption. The thought of “sharing” our child with the birth mom or birth family scared us, frankly, and it seemed easier to keep it closed. But its funny how things work out. We can confidently head in one direction, and then God places people in your life that so greatly impact you it quite literally changes your plans and your life forever.

That’s exactly what happened when we signed on to work with FAC. When we first spoke with Courtney she was amazing. So supportive, and kind; we felt comfortable with her from the beginning. Through our phone conversations, texts, and emails she spoke with us about the tremendous opportunity we may have to be in relationship with our child’s birth mom or family. She spoke so highly of these women, of their bravery, love and selflessness. It was eye opening for us to hear about how good those relationships could be, and how our perspective of our birth mom will greatly affect our child’s life. We had never really considered this side of it. Our hearts began to change. We now wanted a relationship with this woman more than ever. We longed to love on her and have her as a part of our family. We began to fully appreciate her role in our lives, and understood that without her we would not have our forever family. We began to truly love this woman whom we had never met.

In July we got a call that we had been chosen by our birth mom and within the week we had our first phone call with her. Courtney was amazing, and prepped us before the call. She helped calm our nerves, and gave us some good tips for the direction of our conversation. That first phone call was wonderful. To finally hear the voice of this precious woman was overwhelming. She was everything we prayed and hoped for and so much more. Her spirit was kind; her voice was sweet. She was strong and confident, and she told us she thought we were going to be great parents. We were stunned and so humbled.

Through a series of what can only be described as God-ordained circumstances, we were able to meet our birth mom about 2 weeks before her delivery. Courtney gave of her own time, drove our birth mom to and from lunch, and spent the day with us to ensure we had a great first meeting with our forever family. We are eternally thankful for her love and support that day.

All through our process Courtney was there to talk, guide, listen, and support. She worked the details out so smoothly; we didn’t have to worry about one thing while we were with our birth mom for her delivery. And because of Courtney’s encouragement to be open to this beautiful relationship with our birth mom, we were able to develop a deep friendship with her, be in the delivery room when Vivian was born, and we now talk or send pictures almost every day. We cannot imagine our family without our birth mom in it and we owe that change of heart to Courtney. And Jesus. ☺ God is so good and He is mightily using FAC for His glory!

Faithful Adoption Consultants

Graham & Mindy

Our adoption story is one love to refer to as beautiful chaos. Graham and I have been married for 14 years. We have a biological daughter, Avryn (born in 2003), and always desired to have more children. After several years of dealing with unexpected secondary infertility, we made a decision to stop any sort of fertility treatment and to begin the journey of adoption. Even the thought of pursuing adoption was a huge leap of faith for us. We were a family of three, living on a very modest budget, with a huge desire to grow our family and share our love with another child. As we began looking into the world of adoption, we were overwhelmed. Yet, we began to feel more and more called to adopt. We had no idea what sort of crazy story God was going to write for us as we dove into our adoption journey. Although there was a lot of chaos along our journey, our story became beautiful because of our loving and supportive family and friends, many generous gifts, a whole lot of praying, and the fantastic service we received from FAC.

Nearly two years into the process, we experienced two home studies, a switch from the pursuit of international adoption to domestic, and a heartbreaking disruption involving an adorable baby girl. We were feeling defeated in our adoption journey, to say the least. In the midst of our disruption, a friend of ours connected us with FAC, first of all to have them pray for our broken hearts and for us. Through this amazingly supportive community, we were able to connect with others who had experienced something similar to what we were going through. At a time when we felt like it would be easier to give up the pursuit of adoption, we felt more encouraged to put one foot in front of the other and take the next step. After some time for healing had passed, I found myself on the phone with Courtney. I knew the moment I got off the phone with her that if we were going to continue with our adoption process, it was going to be with FAC. Courtney was so kind, so caring, and she took time to answer all of my crazy questions and hear where I was coming from. The communication and advocacy we received from FAC was incredible, from the time we began our paperwork until the moment our son was in our arms and in our home.

Our son, Jad Daniel (born in 2012), was born within about a week of completing our paperwork with FAC. We received a call from Courtney one evening as we were sitting down for dinner. We answered, assuming it would be a rather routine update kind of call, but it wasn’t. There was a baby boy born in Florida the night before, and he needed a family to love him. After several phone calls back and forth and some serious praying, we answered with a solid YES! We took another huge leap of faith and boarded a plane to Florida the next morning. Seeing our son for the first time, all 11 lbs. 4 oz of him, was a moment I will never forget! Jad’s story is a beautiful story of redemption all of its own. This little boy is loved and adored by his mommy, daddy, big sister, and so many others. He truly is a gift from God! We are so thankful for FAC and their passion for advocating for families, praying for birth parents, and guiding their clients through the whole adoption process.

Faithful Adoption Consultants

Austen & Natalie

Adoption is something we always wanted and considered, in fact I can recall wanting to adopt as a young child. When we started the adoption process we were in our 12th year of marriage with two biological children. At first we focused on international adoption, after going through the home study and being approved for international adoption we felt God was leading us in a different direction. Our social worker suggested FAC and after a quick look at their website and asking God if this was, yet, another door He was opening; we went for it! We contacted FAC, filled out the application, got accepted as clients, and signed a contract with FAC in less than a week. Very quickly we had several situations that we were shown on and all chose other families. This didn’t get us down…well maybe at first. We took a huge look at where God had already brought us and realized He’d bring us the rest of the way. We called our consultant, Jessica, who offered a lot of support, insight, and prayer. We prayed ourselves and called Jessica the next morning with a renewed sense. We had agreed that no matter the situation we were presented with we were giving our “YES” and God was the one who would bring it through or let is pass. With each new situation and “Yes” to another family, our family got more excited over the child God really had for us.

That day came, unexpectedly, but it came. We were waiting to hear if a Birth Mother had chosen us and instead we were presented with a new opportunity to show our profile to the social worker of a baby girl who had been born the previous day with Down Syndrome. Our answer was an instant and resounding “YES”. Within thirty minutes we were matched, four hours we were on the road, and just over twenty-four hours later our daughter was in our arms. None of this would have been possible without FAC. When we look back it seems amazing that from our signed contract, with FAC, to having our baby girl in our arms it was only 44 days! Not many believe it but we are proof that this happens and FAC is who helped make it happen.

Something that was not shared with our consultant until after our call about our now daughter was that I have wanted to have/adopt a child with Down Syndrome since I was eight, and just three weeks prior to us being matched I had a heavy heart and was discussing that exact option with my mother, this was her response…”God knows the baby He has for you and no matter the circumstances, He will provide you all the ability you need to care for that child.”

Faithful Adoption Consultants

Marty & Renee

We were a family of 5 when we started the adoption process. We were so new to all of it, we just picked an agency that we thought sounded good and waited. And waited. We were matched after 11 months and had the baby with us for 2 days when the match failed. It was so hard for our family. We ended up being matched again a few months later and finally had our baby home with us after 15 months of waiting. When he was about 8 months old we decided we wanted to adopt again and thought we’d better get started if we were going to have a wait like we did with our last adoption. We had been following Faithful Adoption Consultants on Facebook and Instagram and were really impressed with them. We started our home study and started paperwork with FAC. We were given a couple of situations that we didn’t think were a fit for us, but one day we got a phone call about a baby girl that had been born about 7 weeks early, and they needed a family that could stay with her for maybe a month. It was a stretch for us, because we had 4 kids and all that goes with having a family, but we felt that we should be shown so we said yes. We didn’t hear anything that night, so we kind of wrote it off thinking we weren’t chosen-it was the first time presenting, after all!

The next morning, there were still no phone calls or texts so we went on with our day. I will never forget standing in Target, doing back to school shopping, and getting the call that we had been chosen for this sweet baby girl! I’m sure everyone around us thought we’d gone crazy, with us doing a happy dance in the school supply aisle! So many prayers were answered in this situation, our baby girl did so well that she was only in the NICU for about 2 weeks and we were able to come home the day that she was released from the hospital. Our baby was placed with us just 3 weeks after becoming active with FAC. Our youngest two children are only 11 months apart because we expected the process to be longer. Our eyes were opened to see that God can and does do amazing things, even when our faith is so small! The doubts, the reasons in our minds that we thought wouldn’t get chosen (too many kids, living on a farm, etc.) were some of the reasons that we were chosen! God’s hand was in every detail, and we are so thankful for FAC and their part in bringing our daughter to us!

Will & Kelly

We knew that we wanted to use a consultant from the beginning. We had originally chosen a different consultant but as I talked with people in the adoption community, I was referred to Faithful Adoption Consultants. I felt impressed to call and get more information. The first time I talked to Courtney, I knew I needed to have her on my adoption team. I am so glad we made that choice. We started with FAC and a month later we were matched and out son was born two weeks later. Courtney was there every step of the way helping with paperwork, helping with our profile, and giving us advice. The process was smooth for us and I believe this is because we had Courtney on our team. It was an answer to our prayers.

Faithful Adoption Consultants



I just wanted to take a moment to again tell you thank you for all that you do. I am so appreciative of everything. Becoming a mother was a dream years in the making that God made happen through you and Faihthful Adoption Consultants. On October 1st, we went before the judge and made it 100% official. My family and I were beyond excited for this moment!

I wanted to tell you thank you specifically for being willing to work with Christian single moms. Years ago when I began to look into private adoptions, time after time, Christian adoption agencies told be point blank – “We do not work with single moms.” I know the ideal family has a mom and a dad and I know that God envisions that for all children. But I also know that God called me to be a mom and that He called me to do that as a single person. That calling was real and it offended me that so many Christian agencies would automatically refuse to work
with me because of their ideal standard and not consider other ways that God might be working. I was so frustrated and that is why I chose to begin my adoption journey in foster care. The foster care system (a government system) seemed to accept me more than a Christian company would – which I think is very sad.

In June of 2013, when a friend of mine on Facebook shared one of FAC’s other single mom’s photo of her and her new baby (and wrote something about this is my single friend and her newly adopted baby), I knew God had led me to FAC. I was overjoyed that a Christian company would not deny a Christian single mother the chance to adopt. I contacted you the next week and well, you know the rest of the story.

I recently saw that yet another single Christian mother was able to adopt via FAC. That makes my heart smile. I have been following that sweet mama on Facebook and I see that like me, this was a dream that she had for a long time. Thank you for working with her and all of the others as well. You are answers to our prayers. I know a while back you put a blog on FAC about a myth that large families cannot adopt. I vote your next blog on myths be that Christian single women cannot adopt. I know there are others out there that would come to you if they heard that message.

Okay, now that I’m crying. I’ll wrap this up. Thank you for what you, Jessica, and Laura do. I know some days are tough, but I really do believe you have the best job. Your are vessels of the Lord that help make dreams become realities.

May God Bless You Richly!
– Melissa


Lars & Penny

God’s plan…not our plan… and it is SO much better than anything we could have ever dreamed on our own!

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9)

We talked about the possibility of adoption even before we were married. We were in our mid-thirties when we were married and weren’t sure how many biological children we would be able to have, and we also knew that God’s heart is so moved towards orphans and adoption. After a period of unexplained infertility, we had our biological son, Lukas, who was born 4 1/2 months before Penny turned 40, and was a miracle and blessing from the Lord! After two miscarriages (one before the birth of our first son and one after), we decided to pursue adoption to increase our family and to fulfill what we felt the Lord leading us to do. There was a period of time during which every time we went to church, heard someone speak, read a blog, etc., it was about adoption and God used this time to draw our hearts towards His call on our family!

We are so very thankful that we were led to Faithful Adoption Consultants from the very beginning (through 2 mutual sets of friends who lived in 2 different cities and both adopted through FAC)! We honestly do not know how we could have made it through all of the initial paperwork and learning curve without Courtney and her incredible team! They are truly gifted and called by the Lord to do what they do in leading families through the adoption process!

Our own process started in September, 2012 after completing all of our paperwork and home study and being “active” with FAC. Our profile was presented on at least 17 different birth situations, and our precious son, Wyatt, was born a short 2 1/2 months later in November 2012.

The Lord took us on a journey during these 2 1/2 months from, “Okay, God, please send us a child with x,y,z characteristics and good health, etc., etc.”…to an attitude of, “Whatever Your will is, Lord…that is what we want for our child and our family because you know best.” We saw such a great need for domestic adoption during this time. It was an amazing journey filled with miracles and one where we could see the hand of God at work more clearly than ever in our family. About halfway through our journey the Lord gave us this verse to cling to: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9). He knew exactly what we needed and guided us each step of the way.

We never imagined that we would adopt a “medical special needs” baby, but that is exactly what happened as our son was born with a birth defect called gastroschisis (his intestines were on the outside of his little body at birth). We spent almost 7 weeks in the state were he was born (a 16 hour drive from our home), as he was in the NICU and underwent surgery during that time. I can honestly say that, as difficult as it was to be away from home for that long, over the Christmas holidays, and with a 4 year old in tow… we would do it all over again without hesitation for our son. When we think of all that God has done for each of us as His children, 7 weeks is truly a vapor when we think of the length of Wyatt’s precious life as well as our own lives!

We are so grateful to the Lord for using FAC to bring us our precious son, and we are thankful that we listened and allowed Him to lead, even when it seemed scary and there were so many unknowns. Wyatt is a happy and healthy almost 2-year-old today, who loves his big brother and is thriving beautifully in our family. Our family would not be complete without him! We keep in contact with his precious birth mother on a regular basis (something else we never thought we would do!) and are so grateful that she chose life for our son. It is so true that God’s heart is moved by adoption. Once you go through the process for yourself, you will see God move in mighty ways and nothing will stop Him from bringing your family together!