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A heart for mothers. A hope for families. A home for children.

Meet Courtney, Emory, Jessica, Sabrina, Sara, Emily and Janelle. We are the FAC Team, and we are truly just that. We have an amazing working relationship and enjoy working together as we assist families in their adoption journey. We each have a God given desire to walk alongside adoptive parents as they wait on the Lord to grow their families through adoption. God has also given each of us a heart for birth moms. We desire to see adoption brought full circle by encouraging our adoptive parents to build Christ honoring relationships with their birth families. Our sincere hope is to see God use our adoptive couples to draw these precious birth families closer to Himself.

The FAC team believes that the Lord has called them to not only walk with our families as they adopt, but to encourage and continually pray for, and with each client (Galatians 6:2) through the emotional journey that is adoption.

We strive to guide our families with honesty and integrity as we walk through the rewarding, and sometimes hard journey of adoption. We love to celebrate each and every joy, but are also there to encourage and love BIG on the days this process is overwhelming and discouraging.

We seek to glorify God’s name in all that we do. We are blessed to have a front row seat as God builds families through adoption.

Courtney Lott, Faithful Adoption Consultants

Courtney & Emory Lott

Executive Director­ & Co-Executive Director / Adoptive Parent Coordinator­

Meet Emory and Courtney Lott. Emory and Courtney are Co-Founders of FAC. Courtney is both the Co-Executive Director of FAC and also the lead consultant. As the Co-Executive Director Courtney assumes many roles within FAC. As an adoption consultant she walks alongside adoptive families throughout their adoption journey, assisting with each step along the way. In addition to consulting, she maintains close working relationships with multiple licensed agencies and attorneys, while continuing to build new relationships for the future. Courtney manages several social media accounts, which keeps FAC in constant connection with agencies, attorneys, and clients alike.

Emory is the Co-Executive director and the Adoptive Parent
Coordinator. As the Co-Executive Director Emory assumes many roles within FAC. As the adoptive parent coordinator, Emory walks alongside clients as they prepare to begin actively presenting with agencies, assisting in the paperwork gathering, answering questions, profile design, educating and counseling.

Emory and Courtney have been married for almost 14 years. The Lord has blessed them with 8 beautiful children through the miracle of both birth and adoption. Their passion for adoption originated from their strong pro-life convictions as well as their desire to honor the biblical mandate to care for the least of these. Having adopted both special needs and transracially, Emory and Courtney’s passion is clear and gives them a unique perspective to offer their clients.

Jessica Emerson, Faithful Adoption Consultants

Jessica Emerson

Assistant Director

Meet Jessica Emerson. Jessica is the Assistant Director of FAC. Jessica is a vital part of our team and has been with FAC for just over 6 years. As the Assistant Director of FAC, Jessica wears many hats; as an adoption consultant she walks alongside adoptive families throughout the adoption process, she helps build new agency/attorney relationships, assists in the growth and development of FAC, coordinates social media and so much more. Jessica is a huge asset to the FAC team and we are blessed to have her.

Jessica has been married to her husband, Shawn, for over 16 years. They have 4 beautiful children by both birth and adoption. Jessica’s passion for adoption originates from her strong pro-life convictions. She and Shawn felt that if they were going to be strong advocates for life, that they would need to stand behind that and be willing to adopt a child that might have otherwise been aborted. After their own domestic adoption through FAC, Jessica felt called to walk alongside other families through their own adoption journeys. Jessica has a passion for educating others on how to bring adoption full circle through open adoption and sharing the gospel not only with our children, but also biological families.

kristin, Faithful Adoption Consultants

Sabrina Stephens

Adoption Consultant

Meet Sabrina Stephens. Sabrina adopted through FAC over 6 years ago and is an integral part of the FAC Family, so you can imagine our excitement as we officially add her to the FAC Team. Sabrina is one of our Adoptive Parent Coordinators, as well an an Adoption Consultant. She will be walking new clients through the process of becoming an active client with FAC. Sabrina will be working alongside Emory as an adoptive parent coordinator to help families as they work through their home study, paperwork, profiles, etc. She and Emory will be the main points of contact for all clients before they become active. She will also remain a point of contact for families once they become active, helping to ensure a smooth transition. Sabrina will answer questions by phone and email regarding paperwork questions, profile design and printing, and questions you may have about the process once you become active. Her role will be largely relational, she will be your main point of contact via phone, whereas; Emory will concentrate on collecting and organizing paperwork, and much of his contact will come through email. In addition to working closely alongside Emory, Sabrina is also an adoption consultant and will be walking alongside families through the process.

Sabrina has been married to her high school sweetheart, Jamey, for 16 years. Adoption was always plan A for Jamey and Sabrina, but their plans were confirmed when Sabrina was told she would not be able to conceive. That moment led them to their first adoption. They now have 3 children, through both international and domestic adoption. They are passionate about both trans-racial adoption and special needs adoption. Sabrina has a heart for seeing women choose adoption over abortion, loving birth families BIG and WELL, and educating others on adoption.

After fulfilling her calling to adopt and grow her own family, she is now in the position to assist families as they grow through domestic adoption. She has been offering her wisdom to friends, family and even prospective clients of FAC for many years, so we are thrilled to officially have her join our team. We know she has so much to offer and will be a huge asset to the FAC Family.

kristin, Faithful Adoption Consultants

Sara Aud

Prospective Client Coordinator

Meet Sara Aud. Sara is our Prospective Client Coordinator. She will likely be the first person to greet you when you contact FAC. She will answer your questions, take care of most our prospective client calls, and be your guide to all things FAC adoption. Sara is amazing and we are so blessed to have her on our team.

Sara has been married to her handsome husband, Kyle, for nearly 5 years. She first felt called to adopt shortly after their daughter passed away during childbirth in August of 2013. After much prayer and research, she had her first phone call with FAC and quickly realized that she had found their adoption home. They were matched with their second little lady just days after becoming active clients of FAC and they have since also welcomed a biological son.

After their adoption was finalized Sara found herself loving to share the story of how God had built their family and truly made beauty from ashes. After she was present for a new Momma being told she was matched at the annual FAC retreat she knew God was calling her to be even more involved in the adoptive community, and here we are today! Sara is passionate about being a wife and a mother and also about encouraging prospective adoptive families by sharing the joy of domestic adoption and how beautiful open adoption can be. Currently, she and her family are living life in the bluegrass state with a heart for Jesus, family, and (of course) adoption!

Sabrina, Faithful Adoption Consultants

Emily Caldwell

Director of Social Media, Marketing and Fundraising

Meet Emily Caldwell. Emily is our new director of marketing, social media and fundraising. She is a huge asset to both our team and to our families. Emily will be connecting with our families and the adoption community through our social media handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Emily is creative and organized and has used those attributes to raise well over $10K specifically for Faithful Adoption Consultants families that have experienced a failed match. Emily will continue to host fundraisers on behalf of FAC and help our families lighten the financial burden after experiencing a failed match.

Emily Caldwell has been married to Chris, her high school sweetheart, for 13 years. They have four children-two naturally and two through adoption. Chris and Emily saw adoption in a different light after spending the day with an FAC baby. That little world changer was the start of an undeniable call God placed on her family. She is passionate about adoption and foster care, and seeing that all of God’s children find a forever family to show them the love of Christ. She enjoys writing and using her creative talents to bring awareness to the needs around us, and help support families in the adoption process.


Janelle Spencer

Event Planning

Janelle has been married to her high school sweetheart, Matt, for 9 years. They have been blessed with four beautiful children through adoption, foster care and biologically. Janelle and Matt have a huge heart for adoption and always knew they would adopt.  They felt God lead them to Faithful Adoption Consultants.  Janelle is so thankful God brought them to FAC and grateful for the community and friendships they have gained.  Janelle was a special education teacher for the past 8 years and is excited to step into her new role through FAC where she has an opportunity to love and serve others well.