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Are you a licensed placing agency?

FAC is not a licensed placing agency or an attorney. We are a referral service that networks our clients with licensed agencies and attorneys throughout the United States.

Facilitators are illegal in my state, are you a facilitator?

The short answer is NO. We are adoption consultants, also referred to as a referral service. Our job is to advocate for our families, by walking alongside them through their adoption journey. We walk our clients through the process from the beginning to the end. In addition, we also network our clients with agencies and attorneys across the US that are licensed in child placement. We send our agencies and attorneys profiles and home studies for each of our families, the agencies and attorneys then let us know if they expectant moms that meet our client’s criteria. AT NO POINT IN THE ADOPTION PROCESS DO WE HAVE CONTACT WITH BIRTH FAMILIES, we NEVER match an adoptive family and birth family together. There is always a middle person (the agency, social worker or attorney) that is responsible for matching and for meeting with expectant moms.

Facilitators are illegal in most states. They have a very hefty up front charge, usually between $8-15k, for matching an adoptive family directly with a birth family. Facilitation is legal in California, and you will find many facilitators are based out of CA. You will also see many facilitation companies using the word “consultant” in their business name. You can always tell the difference between the two by asking if they work directly with birth moms and birth families. If they do, they are facilitators.

What states do you work in?

We work in states that have revocation periods of 72 hours less. That means that a birth family will sign surrenders and within 72 hours their rights will be terminated.

Can a birth family come back and get their baby once they have made an adoption plan?

Once a birth family signs irrevocable surrenders they cannot revoke them. We specifically work in states that have a revocation period of 72 hours or less, in order to minimize the risk of a failed adoption.

Do you work with single women?

Yes, we do work with single women. We have walked alongside many single women as they have walked through adoption. Our average wait for a single mom has been 2.5 months or less over the last 6 years.

Do you have an age requirement?

We prefer that at least one prospective adoptive parent be over 25 years of age as a minimum and one under 50 as a maximum. There are extenuating circumstances, and we would be happy to discuss those with you should you have questions.

Do you work with US citizens living abroad?

Yes, we do work with US citizens living abroad. We have assisted several families in their adoption journeys while living abroad.

Do you work with adoptive families from all 50 states?

At this time, we do not work with adoptive families residing in New York or New Jersey.

What is the average wait for an adoptive couple working with FAC?

Our average wait time is 4.5 months or less. We have a 1-year contract. We cannot guarantee that you will adopt a baby within that year, however, we have never had a client that did not match within our contract time frame.

Are there grants available to adoptive families?

Yes. There are many grants, loans, interest free loans and fundraisers that can help assist adoptive families ease the financial burden of adoption.

Do we need an adoption profile? What is an adoption profile?

Yes, you will need a profile. An adoption profile is a book about your family that is presented to expectant moms to look through as she selects a family for her baby. It is an extremely important part of this process. We give our clients the necessary information to make their profile book or to have one made professionally.

Do you charge more for multiples? Are there additional agency fees for multiples?

FAC does not charge more for multiples. We have a flat fee whether you are adopting a singleton, twins or triplets. Agency fees vary widely, but typically the only additional costs associated with multiples are medical costs.

Do we need to hire an attorney in addition to working with an agency?

More than likely you will need a separate attorney for finalization, however, finalization is occasionally included in the agency fees. We assist our clients in locating an attorney in their area or in the state they adopt from if necessary. You will not need to hire an attorney pre-match.

Will you perform our home study or will you connect us with a home study agency?

We are not a licensed home study agency, so we will refer you to a home study agency in your area once you become a client of FAC. You are welcome to use a home study provider of your choice, however, we do have excellent resources in most areas if you would like us to make a recommendation for you.

What is ICPC? How long should we expect to stay in the state from which we adopt?

Any adoption placement that involves a child outside of your home state will involve a federal law called the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC). All 50 states are members of this contract. It is a federal requirement.

ICPC states that in can take up to 15 business days to approve a family to travel home. The majority of our families receive ICPC approval within 7-10 business days or less. Adoptive families should prepare for an out of state stay of at least 3 weeks to be safe.

Can we be gender specific?

Yes. FAC does allow our clients to be gender specific.